Defenition of a midget

Defenition of a midget. Midget is an offensive term for someone who is much smaller than average. While it's acceptable today to describe an inanimate object with the adjective midget.

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Midget definition is - something (such as an animal) much smaller than usual. How to use midget in a sentence.

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Midget is a term for a person of unusually short stature that is considered by some to be pejorative. While not a medical term, it has been applied to persons of .

Dwarfism is known to affect humans, animals and plants. Physical Condition comparison When the words were coined, "midget" referred to a person who is small in height but doesn't have disproportionate limbs or other body parts. The being may not have gained fat black mature tube with small stature until a later period. Differences in associated problems While there are many problems associated with Dwarfism, midgets are not plagued by these problems.
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Dwarfism, also known as short stature, occurs when an organism is extremely small. In humans Historically, the term "midget" was used to describe proportionate dwarfs; however, this term . Competing etymologies include a basis in the Indo-European root *dheur- (meaning 'damage'), the Indo-European root *dhreugh.

Dwarf vs Midget 1 Differences in origin of word 2 Physical Condition comparison 3 Whom does it affect? Love words? Growth hormone deficiency may be remedied via injections of human growth hormone HGH during early life.
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