Girlfriend wants me to wear her panties

Girlfriend wants me to wear her panties. If you made a comment about her panties and bras being a turn-on for you, and especially if she My girlfriend wants me to wear panties now instead of boxers.

Yes No. My first experience with panties was when xvideos mature wife former girlfriend asked me to wear them. They make some that are not padded and look like they would be pretty comfy. Answers Relevance.
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One day when I got home from work, my girlfriend asked me to wear a pair of her panties. After some debate, she eventually convinced me. The next day the.

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(regardless - I wouldn't mind swapping panties with my girlfriend =]) . lol no that's weird though I do make my male friends dress up as girls and make funny videos but that's for a laugh. 0|1. 0|1 If it gets her excited wheres the harm? 0|0. 0|0.

And it it makes her happy, she makes me happy. Maybe you could wear women's undershirts like camisols or racer back tank tops instead of bra's. More questions. Once you do it you might not want to eating my moms pussy back to mens cotton briefs.
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If it's just certain aspects that bother you, discuss it with her, then decide how you . I would try almost anything my girlfriend wanted to try (and she would do the.

Does your wife let you wear bras and panties?
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