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He once met Jimmy's father, with whom he almost went into business. Boy Genius are listed below:.
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Template:Quote Judith "Judy" Neutron is a major character in the franchise.

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Jet Fusion, Jimmy Neutron, Carl Wheezer, Sheen Estevez, Goddard, Cindy Vortex, Libby Folfax. Beautiful Gorgeous is a villain in the Jimmy Neutron series and Professor Calamitous' daughter. Beautiful Gorgeous‘ appearance is exactly like her name suggests; extremely attractive and.

But there was another big problem, and another. Boy Genius. The teacher for Jimmy and his friends, who frequently squawks like a chicken when speaking.
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Work" where Jimmy upgraded its technology and transformed it into the #1 hot spot in Retroville, complete with a super computer to keep customer satisfaction.

His extreme obsession for the llama originated when his parents expanded their cable lineup my son is a pornstar he became devoted to a show called Llama Boy The Super Hero. Ducks are Hugh's favorite hobby; he enjoys collecting figurines of ducks and displaying them around the house. Although he is the main villain of the movie, he at first acts humble, polite, and even dimwitted. Her nails are polished with pink nail polish. Her name is a play on the word " poultry.