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R kelly peeing on girl. The infamous “pee tape” that allegedly captured R. Kelly urinating on an an R&B singer and aunt of the underage girl, introduced Kelly to the.

As she waited in the hotel room for Kelly to arrive, she heard a knock tight juicy teen pussy the door. Kelly would come to some [high school] basketball games. A naked man who appears to be R. He was handsome.
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According to Avenatti, the video shows Kelly performing and receiving oral sex, peeing on the girl's anus, vagina, right breast, and face.

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The footage is 42 minutes and 45 seconds and allegedly shows Kelly asking the year-old girl to urinate before he urinates on her.

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Details on New VHS Video of R Kelly's Allegedly Peeing on a Girl Has Surfaced; Why Prosecutors Are Having a Hard Time Making a Case With.

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