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Precision Computer Repair of Miami focuses on expert virus removal, spyware removal, and malware removal. Viruses, spyware, and other malware (malicious software application) can cause your computer system to run sluggish and damage or destroy your os. We will isolate and remove any dangers to accelerate your computer system and keep your information safe.  We will completely scan your system for any sort of infection, and remove them and keep your data and ensure your computer is running the way it was before you got the virus.

You may need our virus removal, spyware removal, and malware removal services if:

– Your computer system is running slower than normal.
– Your computer is not obstructing pop-ups efficiently.
– You experience frequent computer system crashes.
– Your computer is unresponsive

Virus Removal

A lot of web users pick up viruses from web downloads and other executable files. When you open a file with a virus attached to it, the virus ingrains itself into your computer and can seriously damage your hard drive.  Viruses penetrate your OS, often times disguised it self an anti-virus, and then trigger you to buy their services. Our virus repair work will help free your system of these viruses to keep your device running smoothly.

Spyware Removal

Spyware gathers info about you through your Internet connection. While spyware is not generally hazardous to your operating system, it can seriously reduce your Internet speed and collect as much of your personal information as possible. A lot of the time, spyware is the reason for targeted pop-ups and ads on your computer and web browser. As virus removal experts, we can clear your computer system of spyware and update your antivirus to prevent future issues.

Malware Removal

Malware is typically transferred onto your computer system through web software downloads. Malware is particularly designed to harm or interrupt your operating system, and consists of viruses like the Trojan Virus. As soon as the containing file or program is opened, malware infiltrates the files on your computer and it can be really difficult to completely clean them from your system. At Precision Computer we can repair can clean and safeguard your system and eliminate these dangers.

After Precision Computer system Repair has gotten rid of the issue from your computer system, we will happily explain to you exactly what we found that caused the issues, what we did to repair it, and how we believe you might prevent it from happening in the future. If your computer system has been sluggish lately kindly contact us!

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